Define Market Opportunity

Our team works with senior management to build a comprehensive investment thesis and growth plan along with assisting in recruiting key hires.

Invest and Capitalize for Growth

Brook will invest growth equity and ensure the proper finance structure to capture rapid growth.

Provide CFO Services

Brook’s CFO department acts as the CFO for Brook Partner Fund III and IV portfolio companies overseeing cash planning and financial strategy.

Create and Expand Organic Growth

Brook acts as a strategic partner to help monitor and expand the sales and marketing efforts through proven lead generation tactics and sales processes to create a robust “sales engine”.

Enhance with Acquisitions

Supplement organic growth through strategic bolt-on acquisitions via Brook’s proprietary database. Typically each platform company will complete one or more add-on acquisitions during our holding period.

Generate a Successful Exit

Brook has been an active investor in technology companies across the healthcare, marketing analytics, and business services space for two decades, and leverages established banking and industry relationships to generate a successful exit.