The Brook Differentiator

Evaluate Market Opportunity

Our team works with senior management to build a comprehensive investment thesis and growth plan along with assisting in recruiting key hires.

Invest and Capitalize for Growth

Brook invests growth equity and may bring in other debt or equity funds to ensure the proper finance structure to support expansion.

Provide CFO Services

Brook’s CFO department acts as the CFO for Brook Partner Fund III and IV portfolio companies overseeing cash planning and financial strategy.

Create and Expand Organic Growth

Brook acts as a strategic partner to help monitor and expand the sales and marketing efforts through proven lead generation tactics and sales processes to create a robust “sales engine”.

Enhance with Acquisitions

Brook supplements organic growth through strategic bolt-on acquisitions via our proprietary database. Typically each platform company will complete one or more add-on acquisitions during our holding period.

Generate a Successful Exit

Brook has been an active investor in technology companies for over two decades, and leverages established banking and industry relationships to generate a successful exit.

CFO Services


Brook has a dedicated internal finance team that provides CFO and financial planning resources for each Brook III and IV portfolio company. Some examples of the value we provide include:

  • Planning and analysis to ensure proper portfolio company management and optimization of cash flow and budgeting for growth.
  • Building and maintaining all short-term operational and multi-year financial models and building the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) each year along with the management team.
  • Deploying continuous operational improvement by identifying areas across the business that can be better leveraged and more efficient.
  • Weekly dashboard reports are generated for management and board members to follow the growth of the portfolio companies.

Corporate Development

Brook generates increased enterprise value across its portfolio companies through both organic and acquisitive growth.  We maintain a corporate development team which seeks to identify and contact all participants within the industries where the portfolio company is active; generating insights and acquisition opportunities; which play a key role in portfolio company growth. Brook works with portfolio companies to create sustained growth trajectories and evaluate and execute on the right acquisitions by:

  • Building a database of up to several hundred acquisition targets for each portfolio company and personally calling and managing these relationships over time.
  • The Corp Dev activity allows the partners at Brook to remain active and current with key developments and acquisition opportunities within our industries.
  • The Corp Dev program also produces competitive intelligence on product enhancement opportunities and tangential markets that can be leveraged through product development or acquisitions.
  • Brook identifies, manages and completes multiple acquisitions for most of our portfolio companies over the life of each investment.

Coronis Health

  • Integrated HealthCare Solutions (IHCS)
  • CRT Medical Systems
  • Cobalt Health
  • Physician Data Management
  • KSL Billing and Management
  • Medicorp
  • MAS, LLC.

RobbinsKersten Direct

  • Kersten Direct
  • AlphaDog

Security Innovation

  • nTrue Crypto Systems
  • Safelight Security
  • Refort InfoSec

Certica Solutions

  • Testwiz
  • Formative Assesment Item Bank (FAIB)
  • Academic Benchworks
  • Educuity
  • Unbound Concepts
  • Item Logic

Verge Solutions

  • Peminic


Orbis Technologies

  • Really Strategies Inc
  • Doczone


Apogee IT Services

  • CMIT Solutions
  • DSM Computing Solutions



  • Phoenix Data
  • CIS Auto



  • BabyAge
  • BabyBearShop


V12 Data

  • Relevate
  • V12 Group



  • Linkon


  • Lexington Software

Medicine On Time

  • Clinical Support Services
  • Manrex

Allegiance Fundraising Group

  • Member Benefits
  • DMW Fundraising

Sales & Marketing

Brook focuses on investing in companies that have the ability to scale organic growth, and we provide sales and marketing consulting to help our portfolio utilize best practices to accelerate organic growth and track progress in a quantifiable manner. Examples of strategies and tactics we bring to bear include:

  • Expanding and accelerating lead generation marketing campaigns to multiply sales lead volume through digital channels, inside sales teams, referral and VAR networks.
  • Implementing and using CRM systems to track lead generation and sales success data in a quantifiable manner
  • Defining sale cycles and sales stages to increase efficiency of the overall sales process
  • Creating detailed budgets and benchmarks by marketing or sales channel and increasing the amount of funding available for these activities while tracking the underlying performance data to deploy dollars in areas with the highest ROI.
  • Leveraging insight across the Brook portfolio and the team’s experience to take advantage of industry trends and prior successes.
  • Brook also establishes and chairs a Sales and Marketing committee for each company, an aspect that is unique to Brook led portfolio companies and boards.

Corporate Governance

Brook is focused on building company boards with directors who represent the highest level of experience and creativity in the markets where our companies operate. Our job is to develop a culture at the board level that leverages the experience and skillsets of this unique network. We chair our company boards and manage board activities to ensure that proper corporate governance is observed across all companies.

Brook fosters and drives sound corporate governance practices across the portfolio.

  • A Brook partner serves as the Chairman in Fund III & IV portfolio companies.
  • The Brook team recruits key knowledgeable industry executives to serve on the board of directors, ensuring the board is fairly balanced between investors, management, and independents.
  • In addition to the Sales & Marketing committee at least one Brook representative will sit on the Audit and Compensation committees for our portfolio.