Brook works with portfolio companies to create sustained growth trajectories and evaluate and execute on the right acquisitions

  • Expanding lead generation whether by digital marketing, inbound sales, referral or VAR networks.
  • Brook focuses on building repeatable processes that can be scaled and leveraged to fuel growth.
  • Brook will build a database of several hundred acquisition targets and personally call and manage these relationships.
  • Most Brook portfolio companies will do multiple acquisitions over the life of the investment.

Example of Acquisitions:

Medical Mastermind

  • Integrated HealthCare Solutions (IHCS)
  • CRT Medical Systems
  • Cobalt Health

RobbinsKersten Direct

  • Kersten Direct
  • AlphaDog

Security Innovation

  • nTrue Crypto Systems
  • Safelight Security

Certica Solutions

  • Testwiz
  • Formative Assesment Item Bank (FAIB)
  • Academic Benchworks

Verge Solutions

  • Peminic

RSI Content Solutions

  • Doczone

Apogee IT Services

  • CMIT Solutions


  • Phoenix Data


  • BabyAge
  • BabyBearShop


  • Relevate


  • Linkon