Brook Portfolio Company RSI Merges with Orbis Technologies

Brook Portfolio Company, RSI Content Solutions, a provider of enterprise level Content Management Solutions (CMS) has merged with Orbis Technologies of Annapolis, MD, a leading provider of technologies for designing and developing next-generation Big Data platforms for commercial, government, and intelligence agency clients to create a next-generation data analytics and data management solutions provider. The transaction was led by Brook Venture Partners who retains a material equity position in the combined Company.

The combined operating company will operate under the Orbis Technologies brand with corporate headquarters in Annapolis, MD. The company will also maintain offices in Philadelphia, PA and Chennai, India. Orbis immediately assumes a market leader role in global enterprise content and information management with products and solutions deployed around the world at client sites including Fortune 1000 businesses, the U.S. military and several key US Intelligence agencies, several other federal agencies, and an impressive list of global publishing and media companies.

“The combination of a leading CMS platform with a leading semantics solutions provider is an industry first and provides a combined platform to take big data content management to a new level,” said Walter Beinecke, Board Member of the combined company and Partner at Brook Venture Partners. “In addition, the Company’s strong balance sheet will allow for material investment in sales and engineering staff to expand the global reach of the Company.”

As part of the merger, Orbis’ Brian Ippolito was named CEO of the combined company. RSI Content Solutions’ co-founders Barry Bealer and Lisa Bos assume the roles of Corporate Executive Vice President of Global Software Sales and Consulting Services and Corporate Executive Vice President of Content Management Software respectively.

About RSI Content Solutions

For over 17 years, RSI Content Solutions has been at the forefront of implementing enterprise content management solutions focused on publishers, media companies, Fortune 1000 businesses, and government organizations. With headquarters in Audubon, PA, an engineering center of excellence in Chennai, India, and affiliate offices around the world, RSI has helped over 250 global organizations implement appropriate content management solutions. For more information, please visit

About Orbis Technologies

Founded in 2006, Orbis is recognized as an industry leader in providing services and technologies for designing and developing next-generation Big Data platforms and solutions. Orbis provides solutions and services to assist commercial and government clients with near-internet sized data integration challenges.  For more information, please visit

About Brook Venture Partners

Brook Venture Partners makes growth equity control investments in Information Technology and IT-enabled service companies located in the eastern United States. The firm focuses on initial acquisition investments of $2-$15 million and specializes in both financing and providing the strategic and planning support necessary to effectively manage growth. Brook is headquartered outside Boston in Wakefield, MA. For more information on Brook Venture Partners, see

April 11, 2017