Brook Portfolio Company Medicine-On-Time acquires Clinical Support Services

Medicine-On-Time, LLC (Medicine-On-Time) and Clinical Support Services (CSS) announced today the formation of Star MTM, LLC, into which CSS’s business will be merged. CSS will continue to operate its national MTM software and services business from its Buffalo, New York headquarters under the CSS name, and will have access to additional resources to drive continued growth and program enhancement.

“Medicine-On-Time’s vision has been to create a comprehensive medication management and adherence solutions platform, and today’s announcement represents an important step in that direction”, states Guy Bryant, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman of Medicine-On-Time. “We will look to continue building this solutions platform through both collaboration and acquisition.”

Jim Notaro, CSS Founder and President added: “We are thrilled to become part of the Medicine-On-Time family. Guy and I had a common vision from the beginning regarding the importance of adherence, and the natural fit between the MTM process, medication synchronization, and compliance packaging to assure a simple solution for patients to remain adherent to their drug therapies. CSS has been looking for new investors, and we are pleased with the combination of strategic and financial strength available from Medicine-On-Time and its investors to allow CSS to continue to better serve our clients and their patients”.

About Medicine-On-Time

Medicine-On-Time is a leader in the medication adherence market, pioneering innovations in our flagship multi-dose compliance packaging and software solution, as well as offering a growing array of medication management and adherence products and services.  Our turn key solution and expertise in multi-dose medication adherence provides added confidence for pharmacies, healthcare providers and their patients. Medicine-On-Time’s mission is to provide medication management and adherence solutions that improve quality of life.

About CSS

CSS is a national leader in medication therapy management and drug-related quality improvement programs, assisting healthcare organizations in successfully reaching clinical and quality goals. CSS’s clients include Medicare, Medicaid, ACO and self-insured employer and pharmacy organizations.

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October 30, 2017