Telematch Acquires Phoenix Data Processing and Farm Market iD

Enables “next generation” marketing intelligence and data solutions

SPRINGFIELD, VA – Telematch, Inc., announced today its acquisition of Phoenix Data Processing and Farm Market iD from their parent Multi Ag Media, LLC, enabling the company to achieve “next generation” marketing intelligence as well as new data solutions for the marketplace.

Specific terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The transaction was financed by an investment group led by Brook Venture Partners and Nancy Creek Capital.

“Those who know Telematch have enjoyed access to unparalleled technology, data quality and expertise,” said Peg Kuman, chief executive officer, Telematch. “The same is true with those who know Phoenix, which brings tremendous expertise in database management, marketing and modeling technology, as well as its proprietary new mover data solutions. And those who are familiar with Farm Market iD know it as the content leader in agricultural data, providing the most extensive and accurate database of its kind in the country.”

“The combined companies will allow us to deliver new innovation and turn-key solutions to all of our customers,” Kuman said. “With Phoenix, we are able to offer ‘next-generation’ solutions that include data dash-boarding, real-time access to information, analytics, and database management. With Farm Market iD, we plan to expand its content and broaden its applications.”

Phoenix Data Processing and Farm Market iD management have joined the Telematch team, and will remain in their suburban Chicago location.

About Telematch

Telematch, Inc, with its headquarters in Springfield, Virginia, is a leading information services provider offering a comprehensive range of marketing intelligence and digitally driven marketing solutions, utilizing high-quality data sources. Telematch, Inc., now includes three businesses: Telematch, Phoenix Data Processing ( and Farm Market iD ( For more information, call (800) 523-7346, or visit

Since its inception in 1982, Phoenix Data Processing, located in Westmont, Illinois, has provided data processing, analytics and database services to the direct marketing field. Among its proprietary data assets is Nu Movers iD, a database that includes U.S. contact data on residential “new movers” and homeowners. For more information, call (630) 654-4400.

Since 1973 Farm Market iD has provided comprehensive production data to the agricultural industry. Unparalleled in its depth and robustness, the Farm Market iD database is used by virtually every major company in agriculture. In addition to its content accuracy and depth, Farm Market iD maintains its market-leading position through development of innovative and custom user applications. For more information, call (800) 313-4778.

May 14, 2009