Security Innovation Acquires NTRU

Merged organizations will deliver comprehensive security solutions

WILMINGTON, Mass., July 7, 2009 – Security Innovation, a leading provider of software security solutions, is acquiring NTRU, who specializes in hardware and embedded security. This acquisition is a strong complement to Security Innovation’s existing software security products and Information Risk services. The combined entity will offer a more complete data protection and transmission solution for organizations that build complex systems and seek total platform security.

“Secure Development protects against known design and implementation mistakes but the key knows that you are building on a trusted, secure foundation” said Ed Adams, CEO of Security Innovation. “By binding data to firmware or hardware platforms and using fast, accurate, robust encryption, you are establishing multiple layers of integrity and protecting the data when it’s most vulnerable – when software is accessing it. A secure hardware and software platform helps mitigate session hijacking, data siphoning, and other damaging attacks against software applications and computing systems.”

In an age where technology is driven by customer demands, vendors are force to make trade-offs between hardening their application and making it feature-rich. The joint NTRU-Security Innovation solution makes it easier to incorporate functionality in a trusted computing environment by securing the software-hardware stack from the chip through to the user interface. This reduces the overall risk by making it harder to penetrate the system and even when penetrated, the impact is minimal because the data itself is of no value without the hardware to which it is bound.

“People are looking for better ways to identify who and what to trust online, and increased platform security is one of many components to a trusted end-to-end user experience. Because software typically operates in an environment defined by hardware, it is critical to root trust in hardware, write software applications to securely interact with a wide range of hardware devices, and bind data to those devices to prevent tampering.” said Scott Charney, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group.

NTRU’s software provides standard interfaces that enable applications to obtain hardware protected secure storage, multi-factor authentication and cryptographic services across a broad range of platforms. Middleware binds data to specific hardware so in the event data is compromised, it can’t be read elsewhere. Security Innovation and NTRU will merge operations and be headquartered in Wilmington, Mass. where Ed Adams will remain CEO of the merged entities.

About Security Innovation
Security Innovation is a leading independent provider of secure software lifecycle management solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Global technology vendors and enterprise IT organizations such as Microsoft, IBM, FedEx, ING, Symantec, Visa, Coca-Cola and GE rely on our security expertise, tools and training to understand and mitigate the security risks in their software. The company is headquartered in Wilmington, Mass., with offices in Seattle, Wash. and Beijing, China. For more information about Security Innovation, please visit or call +1.978.694.1008.

About NTRU

NTRU Cryptosystems, Inc. is a leading security software and services provider to the embedded security market. Since 1996, NTRU has provided security software products and consulting services to major corporations in the design and integration of strong security solutions for their products in a wide range of markets. NTRU’s core competencies extend from development and evaluation of standards based security architectures and protocols, cryptosystem design and implementation of security solutions based on the NTRU algorithm suite and other major algorithms. is a trusted partner and a market leader in the development of comprehensive, flexible, and cost effective Platform Security solutions for Application Vendors, OEM’s and enterprises. NTRU is headquartered in Acton, Mass. For more information, please visit

July 7, 2009