DataMentors and Relevate Merge to Form Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) Powerhouse

DataMentors, a leader of data quality and integration, business intelligence and Data-as-a-Service, and Relevate, a leading marketing data and services provider have announced their merger.

Tampa, FL
– August 4, 2015 – DataMentors (, a leader of data quality and integration, business intelligence and Data-as-a-Service, and Relevate (, a leading marketing data and services provider have announced their merger, effective immediately. Financing was led by Brook Venture Partners of Wakefield, MA with co-investors Bay Capital of Providence, RI and Spring Capital Partners of Baltimore, MD. With the close of this merger, DataMentors and Relevate form the industry’s leading provider of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

The company, which will ultimately adopt the DataMentors brand, will be led by a combined team: DataMentors’ Bob Orf will remain Chief Executive Officer, DataMentors’ Anders Ekman will remain President, and Relevate CEO Steve Rao will move into the Chief Operating Officer role. Relevate CTO Damon Horst will become CIO. Current Relevate Vice Chairman Peg Kuman will remain with the company in her senior advisory role.

“DaaS, which is completely changing the game for marketers today, is a revolutionary new way of delivering in-market customers and prospects to a company’s channel systems or marketing programs in real-time,” said CEO Bob Orf. “It’s thrilling to be able to lead the charge by combining the strengths of two best-in-breed companies to provide marketers with a truly unique and unfair competitive advantage.”

Since DataMentors’ founding in 1999, the company has achieved a long-standing reputation of providing leading-edge marketing technology to help companies drive innovation and growth. The company has been consistently recognized by Gartner for excellence in data quality, and further enhanced its position through an investment led by Brook Venture Partners in February, 2014. Relevate was introduced in 2010 to combine the data products and services of Telematch (founded in 1978) and Phoenix Data Processing (founded in 1982) under a single brand. Relevate provides leading marketing data and analytic services to help marketers make better marketing decisions and yield better outcomes. Its breadth of services covers new customer acquisition, data enhancement and customer growth and retention services. Relevate also operates Relevate Auto, a business unit seeing extraordinary growth in providing the automotive industry targeted data services to help market more effectively with thorough accuracy and precision, and which is powered by its leading vehicle database.

“Companies today are challenged to find actionable insights and real-time intelligence from ever-increasing sets of growing data,” said Ned Williams, Chairman of the Board and partner at Brook Venture. “Both DataMentors and Relevate understand that the ability to transform data into revenue is vitally important to stay competitive, and have joined forces to provide a powerhouse of solutions that leverage the modern data ecosystem and real-time analytics to create a customized, always-on dataset.”

According to company COO Steve Rao, “Integrating Relevate’s data and services with DataMentors’ technology and suite of services creates a powerful solution to help marketers present the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time with an emphasis on employing real-time data services to impact real-time outcomes. We are very excited by the quality and innovation of DataMentors’ product and service offerings and for the unique opportunity to leverage the complementary strengths of our two companies.”

The combined company’s products will be a “best of both worlds” combination, bringing DataMentors’ technologies and Relevate’s data products together. Featured products include:

  • Custom DaaS Solutions: Customized real-time data assets created from the modern data ecosystem
  • Relevate Auto: The leading VIN on more than 188 million cars, trucks and SUVs, including make/model/year, enhanced with deep consumer demographics and propensity models
  • Relevate Mover: Includes data on new movers, a rolling one year database of more than 25 million new movers and new homeowners, enhanced with consumer demographics
  • Relevate Email: A high-quality, permission-based national file with over 198 million unique email addresses
  • Relevate Telematch: A robust database of more than 280 million listings, including cell phone, wireless, cable and VoIP residential listing with complete names and current postal addresses
  • DataFuse: The Gartner-ranked data integration and data quality engine that serves as the foundation of marketing database development
  • PinPoint: Fast, flexible business intelligence designed for business users
  • SmartSelect: 24×7 access to counts, orders and reports

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Relevate as we push forward to bring new exciting opportunities to help companies grow with technology and data,” said DataMentors President Anders Ekman. “This partnership will pave the future for our combined company to continue to flourish as the leading Data-as-a-Service provider, and ultimately lead to more marketing ROI for our clients.”

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August 11, 2015