Brook Portfolio Company Relevate Publishes New White Paper: Benefits of Real-Time Web Services for Online Marketers

Relevate’s new white paper describes the many benefits to online marketers in using real-time services to validate data and correct information entered into web forms. Additionally, the white paper explains how demographic information can be appended and leads can be scored so that the best message or offer can be delivered.

SPRINGFIELD, VA – A new white paper, Benefits of Real-time Web Services for Online Marketers has been published by Relevate. The surge in online buying during the 2011 holiday season is indicative that the number of buyers researching and making online purchases will continue to grow. As website visitors enter information into data collection forms, prospects can intentionally or unintentionally provide inaccurate data. This affects a marketer’s ability to connect with the lead via all marketing channels.

Relevate has been providing real-time web services since 2002. Marketers who generate leads by driving traffic to data collection web forms use that information to engage prospects. It is essential to ensure the data collected is accurate. Real-time web services can validate information, append missing data elements, or model leads on the fly, allowing marketers to store validated data in the marketing database, or deliver a targeted message based on a modeled score.

Key benefits of using real-time services for validating, correcting and scoring data captured via web forms are:

• Correct data as it is being captured.

• Prevent fraudulent data entry.

• Use email address or phone number to append name, address and relevant demographics to allow the right offer to be served.

• Save money on multi-channel campaigns by ensuring the data added to the marketing database is complete and accurate.

• Easy and secure integration via SOAP/ XML.

The white paper discusses available services, how the services can be used, and the simple technology integration.

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December 28, 2011