Brook Portfolio Company PC Network Services (PCNS) and CMIT Solutions – Boston Unveil New Unified Name

Brook Portfolio Company PC Network Services (PCNS) and CMIT Solutions – Boston Unveil New Unified Name

(Sewickley, PA, July 27, 2015) — Pittsburgh-based PC Network Services, along with one of Boston’s leading IT services companies, CMIT Solutions – Boston, today unveiled Apogee IT Services as its new name and brand. The Apogee IT Services team is excited to continue to serve over 140 clients in a myriad of industries and to live by the new slogan, “Aim higher. Expect more.”

Chief Executive Officer Michael Halperin explained that there were two reasons for the rebranding. First, PCNS acquired CMIT Solutions – Boston this past April after discovering that the two companies were kindred spirits and operate with similar processes, standards and methodologies. As the teams integrate, there is a great need to unite them under one name and brand. Second, the company believes the Apogee IT Services name better represents the companies’ value as a managed services provider than either of the previous names.

“It is bittersweet for sure. For years the PC Network Services and CMIT Solutions – Boston brands served us well,” said Halperin. “Both represent the reliability, predictability, and outstanding customer service that have been our companies’ hallmark since their inception. But they also focused too much on the technology we sell, rather than the results we deliver. We wanted to move forward meeting our clients’ needs under a brand that better showcases what we do and how we do it.”

The tagline (“Aim higher. Expect more.”) is certainly an accurate reflection of how the two companies have served their customers over the years. In IT — a function that is critical for business operations, yet a main source of frustration – the following statistics are rare:

  • Industry satisfaction benchmarks for the B2B sector include Net Promoter Scores of 10-14, according to industry-leading satisfaction survey provider Inavero. Apogee IT Services’ Net Promoter Score is more than four times the industry average at 60+, based on current client surveys completed within the past year.
  • Apogee IT Services has a client retention rate of more than 97%.
  • The company has been recognized by MSPmentor, the leading media outlet serving the MSP industry, as one of the top 200 MSPs worldwide each of the last two years, achieving the highest ranking of any southwestern PA firm both years.

“It’s a very exciting time for our company,” added Dave Minker, former owner of CMIT Solutions – Boston and now president at Apogee IT Services. “Since April of 2014, our collective employment has grown from 27 to 48. We’ve expanded our market reach. And we implemented a structured career development roadmap to help achieve our goal of becoming the best firm in the northeast at developing world-class IT talent.”

Today is the official launch date of Apogee IT Services and its brand, but old URLs and emails will still function through redirects. The Pittsburgh and Boston teams will continue to have the same addresses and phone numbers.

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July 27, 2015