Brook Announces that John Brooke is Appointed as an Advisor to Brook II

Brook welcomes John Brooke to the Advisory Board of Brook II.

BOSTON – Brook Venture Partners announces that John Brooke of Brooke Private Equity Advisors has joined Brook Venture Fund II as a Fund Advisor.

“We are pleased to join Brook Venture Fund II as an investor and I’m thrilled to be engaged with the Brook team as an advisor because their investment philosophy is so similar to our own” says Brooke. Mr. Brooke’s firm, Brooke Private Equity Advisors is a private equity management firm providing investment and advisory services to institutions and high net worth families worldwide. Ned Williams, a partner at Brook Venture, notes that Mr. Brooke’s experience is highly relevant to Brook Venture Fund’s mission: “John has already traveled the path we are following and will lend valuable guidance to our fund.”

Mr. Brooke, who has been active in venture capital for over 20 years, began his career at Advent International in the mid `80s where he was responsible for the development of operating programs including the analytics and proactive deal-sourcing programs. By the mid `90s John was responsible for the integration of Advent International’s Asian affiliate, South East Venture Investment Corporation, which repositioned the group to execute larger and later-stage transactions. His experience at Advent International covered all aspects of investing, including management of both funds and investor relations.

More recently, immediately prior to founding Brooke Private Equity Advisors, Mr. Brooke was an active principal with Tucker Anthony Private Equity Group (Park Street Capital) and helped establish Park Street as a leading private equity fund-of-funds manager with more than $800 million under management.

John and Peter Brooke founded Brooke Private Equity Advisors in 2002 and its predecessor fund the Brooke Family Limited Partnership in 1995; in addition to its investment in Brook II, the firm makes select investments in venture funds located in the Northeast as well as direct investments in private companies. As the keynote speaker at Brook Venture’s recent annual investor reception, Brooke noted “We invested in Brook Venture because their investment model is the type of model that has worked well for us over many years and because we are strong believers in the benefits of the SBIC program”.

Brooke Private Equity Advisors

Brook Private Equity Advisors (BPEA) is a private equity management firm that provides investment and advisory services to institutions and high net worth families regarding all aspects of participating in the complex world of private equity and venture capital investing. Founded by industry veterans Peter and John Brooke, BPEA resides and operates at the very heart of the private equity and venture capital industries. For more information, call 617-227-3160 or visit

About Brook Venture Partners

Brook Venture Partners provides expansion stage capital through Brook Venture Fund I & II, to information technology and medical technology companies based in the Eastern United States. Brook is headquartered outside Boston in Wakefield, Massachusetts and has an office in Albany, NY. For more information, call 781-295-4000 or visit

February 9, 2006