Orbis Technologies, Inc.




Annapolis, Md; Philadelphia, PA; Orlando, FL; Chennai, India


For over a decade Orbis Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in building and deploying mission critical content and information management solutions. Beginning as a DoD software solution provider in 2006, Orbis continues to expand market presence to Fortune 500 businesses, Federal agencies, and global publishers and media companies

Brian Ippolitto

“Our disciplined approach to software solutions and product development has afforded us the opportunity to work with premier clients around the world. We firmly believe in structured software solution development methodologies and hold ourselves to the highest standards to deliver quality products, services, and solutions that fully meet or exceed our customer requirements. “


Brook has worked closely with the founders of Orbis to jumpstart several key growth initiatives including negotiating and financing the acquisition of DocZone and developing a strategy to open the Company’s first off-shore office in India. Furthermore, Brook has worked closely with the Company to build a data driven approach to sales and marketing and help the Company track sales and marketing performance. Brook continues to play a leading role in corporate development by identifying acquisition and partnering opportunities worldwide.